Saturday, September 1, 2007

Market Day

Oh, the joy of playing hooky on a Saturday. Yes, the sun was shining, and the rain that’s been sabotaging my weekend gardening efforts took the day off. But then, so did I.

Morning dawned sunny and clear. While I should have pulled on my gardening gear, slathered on the sunscreen and headed into the back yard, I instead made a beeline for the garage, fired up the Jeep and headed south. My excuse? A trip to Home Depot to pick up four more knobs for the dresser I refinished last weekend. Lesson learned: count knobs not drawers – or at least look at the piece while doing the knob count and not wait to decide how many knobs I need until I’m standing in the aisle making my decision on which style to choose. 

While I was there, I did think about gardening – and brought home four more boards to construct another raised bed, the last in the square foot garden currently more on paper than replacing the lawn at the far end of the yard. While the fall selection of plants was tempting (what potted greenery isn’t to me these days?), I was good, for the time being at least. No plants followed me home today.

My prize purchase of the day came from Tractor Supply. Oh, the places I shop now that I’m a homeowner with a demanding garden! I’d glanced through the sale flyer at work the other day and spotted a garden cart that will better tote bags of mulch and such around the yard. With an 800 pound capacity and removable sides, my new “red wagon” is going to be put to good use this holiday weekend. I have plans. Lots of plans for the next two days.

But for today, getting my hands dirty was not on the agenda. Instead of heading back home, I zipped down the road to the farmers’ market. As I pulled into the parking lot, the tops of canopies peeked out from the circle of market goers’ cars. I had arrived. Booths offering fresh baked bread or pastries, soups or home-made jams and jellies were scattered among those containing just-picked corn, farm fresh fruits and other garden delights.

By the time I’d made my third trip back to the Jeep, I was ready to go home. I’d stocked up on sweet potato and spaghetti squash, Macintosh apples, peaches, cantaloupe, red peppers, wild flower honey and a selection of fresh veggies. As I drove off, thoughts of feasting on sweet corn on the cob and home-made potato and leek soup gave way to plans for next summer’s garden. So what if my fall to-do list just got longer?

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